Friday, 3 October 2014

Good morning..well average morning really...

I hope you all had a nice sleep! And your morning went well!!
Mine was interesting... I woke up late as I was awake pretty much the whole night coughing to find that there was no one else in the house... I kind of panicked a bit... I didn't know where the rest of my family were! But as I went to get breakfast a note fell out of the cupboard saying they had gone to Rs soccer, great place to leave a note... At least they trust me to actually get breakfast now..
But because they were on the other side of town I didn't get to go to tennis which kind of sucks but at the same time I am glad I didn't have to go because well I feel terrible! Uuhh I have a headache from coughing so much and my back hurts for the same reason and my stomach hurts, again! Why do I always get sick!! Seriously!! It is not fair I had lots of things planned these holidays but I haven't been able to do any of them, or the couple I did do I couldn't enjoy them because I feel yuck. Honestly I hate it I hate it sooooo much!! Please can I just not be sick once!! Please!! And if it's not a bug or virus my anxiety gets the better of me and plays up, so I never actually have a whole day when I feel normal. Ever. I hate it.

I hope YOU can have a nice day! :)

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