Thursday, 16 October 2014

Good night..

Good night! Xoxo
Toady has not been fantastic at all... I have felt sick all day and still do and its horrible and because I felt terrible I didn't eat morning tea or lunch so I think I made it a whole lot worse... And now. Feel like crap and being sick :( and that's not even mention ballet and I have my speaking test tomorrow so I am super nervous I just don't want to do it or what happened last time t happen again. I am so stressed out right now and anxious and all I want to do is cry and it is only yr10 I haven't even started proper exams yet! Which start next yr for me!!! Ahhh!! I just feel down. And I wish I wouldn't. Right now is the worst time.
Anyway good news I got into a inter club tennis team and a girls one this yr and one of my friends form yr 8 at primary is in it and it is going to be so weird because I haven't seen her in two yrs!! Haha I'm sure it will be nice to see her again. And we are doing my favorite volleyball in PE!! Yay something I can finally do!! Now I wil have volleyball seven times during the school week including my games and trainings! Yayyyy!!!
Ugghh I feel terrible so good night!! I hope you has a nice day!! :) xoxox

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