Sunday, 5 October 2014

I am never eating fish and chips again!

My parents couldn't decide what to cook for tea tonight, and I think they couldn't be bothered cooking anything either so we got fish and chips for tea. And I can now say I have eaten fish and chips with no guilty feelings! Yay! But I am never ever eating them again. Ever. Not because I am scared but  a combination of the gluten and oil has made me feel really sick. Uuhh I was finally getting ver my cold but now I just feel like throwing up and my stomach is cramping and I knw it is just a reaction because my face is really itchy and my eyes are all puffy too. Haha I must look so funny!! I wish I wasn't allergic to gluten, I really do because well the fish and chips were really nice but now I feel like this and look terrible because of it, so I don't think I will be eating them ever again, because feeling crap is not fun, but also seems to be my normal sadly.
So now fish and chips is a big no no and I am not making that mistake ever again!! Ever!!

I hope your day went well!! :) how are you guys??
Stay strong you amazing little fighter!! Xoxo :) you can do it!! :)

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