Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Strawberry sponge anyone??

Good morning all!!  Last night was fun!! :) As you know I went out to tea with my family and my Nana and Uncle who came out to visit us (and his Dad, my grandfather, who has alzheimer's :( ) all the way from England!! And it was really nice to see him and talk again!! After dinner we took my Uncle to SoYo (frozen yogurt place) and his reaction to it was priceless!! He was soo surprised and amazed by the idea, they obviously don't have them in England!!
Anyway he will be coming over for tea tonight as well, that I am cooking... We are having roast chicken! I am going to do everything except the chicken!! ;) haha I really hate handling meat especially raw meat.. I am the kind of person where steaks have to be char-coaled, any blood I cant eat it and if I find a bone of cooked vein or something like that I instantly get put off it.. Yep thats me!!
So I have to do all the veges boiled and roast and mashed!! And the gravy etc. And I also had to make desert which is of course my favorite part!! So today I mad a strawberry sponge!! I hope to go down to the supermarket later and find some cheap strawberries to go on top, It's half way through spring but strawberries are still really expensive, but it has got strawberry essence through it so it wont matter if I cant find any. And it will be topped with cream!! Hopefully that will hide the bit I kinda over cooked (slightly burned) on top because I was writing this :)

Please ignore the very bad lighting in the oven :)
But the rose soo much!! And I forgot to add the baking powder so I am really surprised!!
The batter was such a pretty colour!!

 And the recipe, hopefully you can read it, sorry it was the clearest I could get it on my phone camera

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