Sunday, 5 October 2014

Nice cold raining morning...

Good morning to you all!
Uuhh it is raining and hailing very hard at the moment, and we have extremely strong winds at the moment too, and are advised to stay inside and weight down trampolines!! One cool thing though is because it is the middle of spring, yes spring I know!? All the blossom is out so the winds are blowing it down and it looks like snow!! :) I know it's not though... I wish it would snow!? It hasn't snowed in two years!! :( and I don't think that it is fair seeings that I had to walk to school in minus 2-6 degrees all winter but we still don't get snow!! The annoying thing is that my window has now got wet blossom petals all over it!! And I am going to have to scrub them off when it is dry again :(  but otherwise I love rain and hail!! I can cuddle up all day in my big track pants and over sized jumpers!! Yay :)
Otherwise I have no plans for today. I was going to go down to the park and practice my ballet for my exam in two weeks!  But I would rather not do that n the rain... And again today I was going to walk down to the supermarket but that plan is gone now too.
Any ideas on what I can do??

Stay warm!! :) and have a lovely day! :)

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