Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tired again

It is almost the end of the year and I am just soo worn out and seriously looking forward to those lovely six weeks off school over Christmas break! Yayyyy!! But that is still seven weeks away... Nawww... Everyday is just draining all the energy out of me, and I am left exhuasted.
Two weeks until exams and panick and anxiety so that will be fun... Not.
Today was pretty good I guess, had good subjects today as well (PE art textiles science and math, that one not so good..;)) we watched the most disgusting video in science, let's just say a extremely graffic puberty video, need I say much more?! Loads of people wearing no clothes and close ups of bits... Hmmm uugghh!! Why in science!? We do enough of that in health!! Ahhh!!
So that was probably the worst bit of my day!! At volleyball training at lunch only 4 of us turned up, my team isn't very reliable haha oh well, we met up with the head of Vball at training and he said he was looking for two-three people from our team (B team) to travel down to invercagal (sorry can't spell!) for south islands!! And he is looking at the people who constantly turn up to trainings!! Last week only 3 of us turned up and this week 4 and I was there both times so hopes up!! I really want to go but at the same time I really don't as I am super anxious enough without being away from home without my parents for a whole week!  Can't even cope with a sleepover at my friends house so I don't know how a whole week is going to go and with people I am not super close with at all.. So I don't know if I want to go, but I shouldn't worry about it as I don't even know/think it will get chosen s yeah. But it's exciting all the same!!
I have to hand in my writing portfolios tomorrow!! All three, so hopefully I get good marks for them!!
Afte school I fixed them up which took ages then I made part of Ms Bday Bday present as we are going to her house tomorrow for tea (Ahhh, and it will be pizza...) so I got that done (pics tomorrow) and then we went down to the mall to get a gift voucher for her too as I don't know wha else to get her, as I can't just give her my failed macarons ;) so yep tomorrow I hope I don't be any more homework as I will be very busy trying to make my ganache and buttercream to fill them before 5 when we have to be at hers, so hopefully my terrible bus driver is on time!! She was only 20min late today! It was great!! Usually she is 30-40min so it was good in a way... It would be better if she was on time!! And I have t make a card after school tomorrow as well! Busy girl!!
Well I am pretty much falling asleep as I am so tired so goodnight!!
Don't let the bed bugs bite!! ;)
Xoxoxo hahah ;)

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