Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Tired and stressed.

I hope everyone had a good day today!
Mine was pretty bad to be honest. But that's okay things will improve.
Firstly I woke up with a massive headache and have had that all day which has made it super hard t concentrate in class, then I went to make toast for breakfast and I burnt it, then I went to boil some eggs to take for my lunch at school (along with crisps! It is amazing!! Sounds weird but chips and eggs taste amazing!) and was rushed so I took them out think they were done but when I cut them open they so were not! So I grabbed a bit of plain gf bread instead... So that was my lunch, a piece of bread tomatoes and a muesli bar.. Hmmm not good I know but I didn't have time for anything else as I was pretty late, it would of been fine with my three eggs and chips as well, but that didn't happen. So already feeling anxious I ran to the bus stop only to be waiting and waiting and waiting, and I seriously thought I had missed it but my parents had gone to work so I was just going to wait for the normal busses to come which were in about 25min but nope I didn't miss it, it was just really late so I then was late to assembly so you have to be the awkward person walking in by yourself just as the doors are closing so embarrassing! So by then I felt like crying.
Then I got given lots of homework through out the day, more stress, my English teacher has decided to spring suprise essays on us so now I will be anxious before every lesson of English, then I had textiles where me friend and I dyed our fabric s now my hands are bright red, not kidding! It was funny at first but it seriously doesnt come off and it had stained my nails pink, and then I got told off for wearing nail polish at school by some random teacher which I am not it is just the dye that stained my nails. And then I had to go to beach volleyball which I did not want to do as I have a massive headache and just fee sick, but as M can't play as she sprained her wrist/thumb my team would seriously lose without me, as they are good players but their serves dont really go ver the net at all so we just lose tonnes of points from that, which is why I normally do all the serving. And then I rolled my ankle in the sand and now it is really sore, hopefully it will be gone in the morning.
Then I had t make desert for everyone. And I had to make macarons for my friends Bday on friday as she loves them s much and they failed and look terrible and I just don't want to give them to her as the look so bad, the feet didn't turn out at all and they all cracked so I don't know what happened, I did the same as last time but oh we'll and I don't have time to make new ones so i will just mix the coloured shells to find some average ones I can give her as well as a gift card (or if I can find anything else nested) which I will have t get tomorrow after school. And now I sent strait to bed as it is 9:30 even though I just finished baking and I didn't get any of the desert I made as I had no time and I didn't get a shower either, so I will have to get up extra early to have one, more stress in the morning! And now I am so tired and feel ill and all I feel like doing is curling up in a ball and crying and never coming out again, as tomorrow is going to be just as bad. But oh we'll I will cope, hopefully.. It will be fine :)
So I hope you had a great day!! Lots of love L :) xoxoxo

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