Saturday, 1 November 2014

Today... Sorry became very long ;)

Well last night was fun! And we did go trick or treating after all! Well kind of... As M invited our families along as well one of the girls that came had two younger siblings one six and the other three and they were all dressed up so we took them along, looking after them. Although we did manage to get a few lollies along the way. The best parts would be Oscar the little boy running into peoples houses (well only to one house that we knew, the others he tried so had !! Haha) and then with one lady she turned around to get the sweets and he threw a clump of grass inside her door but we managed to get it out before she saw, she just thought we were strange for laughing hard out when she turned around again, and then he pointed out every house alarm and said alarm alarm its scarwy in a really cute voice as he thinks they are robots! Nawww!!  So cute! He was so much effort though and next yr that will be B *sigh*....
And Ms dad made really good gf pizza, like they were amazing!!

This morning I had my first interclub tennis game and if you talked to me before the game it would probably be like please take me home I can't do it please I feel sick please I cant do it or something very similar to that... Haha but it was fine I just felt terrible all because I was super nervous but I wish I didn't have to deal with stuff like that, because I shouldn't get so anxious before something simple but oh we'll that's me... But it was super fun!! Even tho I lost it was still really fun and was really close too. My doubles partner isn't the best so we lost 9-3 pretty much nil or 15 something each game and the sets we did win we're either on my serve or by pure luck that she got the ball over the net but hey she tried :) in my singles I also lost 9-3 but it was a good game and we got to duece every set and all three sets I won were on my serve so I am super happy about that! Yay!! But it was soooo hot!! About 19,20 degrees!! (haha that probably doesn't seem very hot to you guys!!) probably our only hot day this summer! And we were sweating so much ;)  and my sock slipped down and now I have a massive blister on the back of my heal :( and I got blood all over the back of my shoe :( oops! Reminder wear better socks!! Haha oh well nothing I can do now! It just has to be better by Fri when I have Canterbury champs for volleyball!! Ahh nervous!

Whether I am just dehydrated or not I have a massive headache and feel sick now so maybe I just wasn't strong enough to play almost two hours of non stop tennis this morning or maybe I am getting a cold but whatever it is I wish it would go away!! I am NOT going to be sick in weeks before my exams again!! I was last yr (I now know why my immune system was so bad, because I wasn't eating enough but now I know!!) so that was fun.. I was away sick five out of nine weeks that term... Hmmm yeah flu and kidney infections and stomach bugs not nice. And if I didn't have exams I wouldn't of gone to school that week either but I had to.. And I almost failed some as ipfor English we had to write an essay on a book we studied in class while I wasn't there, so I kind of just made it up... I got achieved with difficulty!! Haaha seeings all I knew about that book was what my friends told me before the exam I think I did pretty well! Same I social studies I had to write a essay on the impacts if the three gorges dam in china which all I knew was it is a big dam and in china! So I just made things up like it would effect the fish living in the waters and help people get across the river etc. hahaha!! And I got merit!! Hahaha!!?!
And now I am so off topic ;) I am good at that ;)

Tomorrow I think we are going out to tea with my gran for her birthday as it is on Monday but we are all super busy on Monday's like B had preschool and R football training and I have volleyball then ballet so yep that's pretty much what every day after school is like in our house! Along with homework and study! It's crazy!! So Sundays we are free at night! Can't be lunch because R had futsul! But at night we are free! So tha will be nice! And I have to make a cake for dessert for her and I also have to make macaron for  french class on tues but they will keep! That will be intresting and difficult for me.. We are all bringing either french baking (which I am) or money to go towards the stuff our French teacher is getting, hmm let's say I am not going to be eating much... I has pastrys I am sorry they are just gross, it's not the actual stuff in it it's I hate the taste eww! It s just one one those things that you just can't stand... Everyone has something! And I am not eating snails o(eww last time we had them last yr in class I didn't eat one but the whole class stunk of snails dirt and garlic..gross) or blue cheese,it's just moldy cheese or pâté which is ground up livers of varities animal or any ing like that that will be there so sorry if you like those things, good on you!! Well done! You are stronger than me! I can't eat anything like that let alone normal things!! And just remember eat what YOU want to eat, don't worry about my opinions they are mine not yours of you like it go for it!! Eat what you want!  I am just so weak I can't even touch  a snail without a shell ?with shells they are so cute love them :)  but cooked I couldn't touch one let alone put it in my mouth!! I would probably end up throwing up.. Same with blue cheese and livers!! Uugghh! Scary!! So that is going to be a fun lesson... Maybe.... Not... And I am always scared of eating others baking like what if it wasn't cooked properly or would give me food poisoning or something like that.. I know I am being paranoid but I can't help it, it is hard. So I have that to look forward to on Tuesday!...

And I have a super busy day tomorrow! Wish me luck! :)
I hope you are all well and doing great! :)
Xoxoxo :) :) love you!!

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