Sunday, 19 October 2014

Yay schools over!

Yay schools finally over for today!! Even though I have to go back in about 30min :(. Haha but that's because I have volleyball! I am trying not to be negative but I seriously think we are going to lose this game by a lot, as we are the B team we have some people who are just starting to play and shouldn't of gotten into a team but because the teacher her loves them they are in even if they don't want to play or trialled! So yep we are so going to lose against the other schools A team... Big time unless a miracle happens!!
Thankfully I finally have knee pads do my knees won't be bleeding by the end, haha that use to be every game last year ;)
And then I have ballet strait after so I won't get home until 9 lucky me... So dinner won't be until 9 :( I hate having late dinners, I like having my normal routine and eating times :(
So anyway I should really start my nice long walk back to school :( why can't I live closer!!

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