Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Haha cut off the end f the last post! Sorry!

Sorry I just realized that the end of my post last night didn't save! And it won't let me add any more! Is there such thing as a word limit or something like that?! I don't know but oh well...So it was meant to say and everything was covered in gravy which tasted like lamb, so it was a struggle to eat it... I just had a really small portion... And icecream for desert if course! Then on mon morning it was pouring and we had to be out of the house by ten, so we didn't think there was much point staying as everything was closed in the rain so we just both said goodbye and left for home again! I of course had the job of entertaining a almost 2yr old for the whole two hours we spent in the car as R was watching YouTube on his iPad as ALWAYS, seriously he positions it on the bench in the bathroom so he can watch it in the shower!! He is addictted to that thing!! And then lovely sweet home again!! Overall I think it was a okay break, parts I loved (mini golf!! Shopping, eating out! Etc.) but there were parts where I struggled a lot, but that's oka I think as well if it was at the start of the year you probably couldn't of even got me in the car to go as I was afraid it would crash etc. so on the improve! :) So it was a fun holiday! :)

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