Monday, 6 October 2014

Okay cupcakes are finally done!!!

47 cupcakes later!! Yay done!! 

Canterbury cupcakes!! Red and black are our city colours and seeings that R is playing for Canty I thought red and black were perfect!! 
Haha I got told off by R because the first batch I iced were "too pink" and "girly" so half of them are pinky red and the other half very red, I had to put in soo much food colouring it cant be healthy!!
 The perfect one..

So yeah one job down!! Off to ballet now!! Then hair cuts, even though I am only getting my fringe cut, and then going out to tea and seeing my uncle and then  my uncle will probably come back home with us for a while so there will probably wont be any more posts today sorry!! Or if there is it will be at around 10:30 - 11 ish !!

I hope your day goes well!! 
Love ya!! :)

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