Friday, 17 October 2014

Yay weekend!!

Yay it is finally the weekend again!! Well in about five hours it is!!
School was good I guess, just normal. I didn't get t do my french speaking test today which is kind of disappointing  as because of my last name I was pretty close to the end of the role so I was on the end of the list to do it. I did want to get it over and done with because it's like I put all this effort into studying and was so anxious for the whole day waiting for it for nothing! And I will be really nervous again on tues when I have to do it and I would rather sta away from being anxious.
Haha is science we are doing genetics so today we had to design a plant in are table groups (3s)  and lets just say we got out of control with our poster like always... Everytime a highlighter gets involved it just turns bad.. :P so ours was a rainbow minuture tree, with rainbow flowers to attract insects to pollinate our tree and once the flower is pollinated it will grow little rainbow fruit shaped like mini rainbows!! The rainbows are designed to attract birds which will eat them and therefore the seeds and spread then around! :P haha and let's just say we didn't have any coloured pencils so the highlighters came out to play... It's very bright.. Even our teacher cracked up but it was a fun lesson! Until it comes to the time to present it... Not fun and I will be even more anxious because it looks so bad!! Everyone else took it seriously and we so didn't!! Haha :)
As I didn't really eat amything at school yesterday, I decided to eat a whole lot extra to catch up (don't worry I know that's not how it works but it made me feel better like proving to myself that I can eat lots at school kinda thing..) and so exciting I stepped on the scales and it read wait for it dun dun dun... 48!!!! My minim goal weight!!! Haha yayyyy!! I know it is borderline and I do well should get up to 50 but it's getting there!! It feels weird as it is a lot heavier than I have ever been even before my weight loss, some 5kg more!! But I feel upset at the same time, I know it's a awesome thing but it doesn't feel right like I shouldn't weight that much, but it is a good thing I guess, I just need to get use to it. A good thing something called rescue remedy exists!! :)
I think we are off to the mall for tea again tonight so that will be nice!
How was your day?? Amazingly awesome I hope!!
Stay strong, love is always greater than the pressure to be perfect!! :)

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