Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Hiii guys it has come to my last day in Wanaka :( Tomorrow we are driving down to Arrowtown and I love it there sooo much!!

In the last couple of days we have driven down to Cromwell and my Dad and brother when go-carting (I was too scared to haha!!) we have walked up to a winery where my parents did some tasting I was offered but I am terrified of all kinds of drugs even a little after being overdosed at the hospital and I am only 4 years underage!!! So wine umm nooo!! I cant even drink normal coffee!! It has to be decafe!! It really scared the hell out o f me!! yep thats me but i suppose it isnt the worst thing to be scared of!! We have been swimming in the lake and soo much swimming in the motel pool the cholrine has made my skin all dry and horrible!! haha!!

We have also been to puzzling world which was sooo cool!! All illusions and weird rooms!! And we went out for tea and I ate a whole pizza minus 2 slices which I am really happy about even ordering pizza!! Well it was a small-ish pizza but still!!

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