Thursday, 11 December 2014

Day four

Day four, 5 things you like about yourself appearance wise:

1. My long blonde hair, I love it being long as it use to be in a short bob below my ears since I was born to two years ago from when I have been growing it. I love it being longer as being able to do things with it like putting in a ponytail and French and Dutch braiding it as it never use to be long enough to do that. I also love it being blonde I don't know why i just do, but it is also one of the not as common hair colours in nz as black and brown are very common so I guess it is kind of unique but lots of people still do have blonde hair just not as many as the ther colours in nz. And I love it being softer and fuller as I am at a healthy weight as it use to get very greasy and dry and frizzy all the time but that has all changed :)
2. My nails, as I can finally grow them past the top of my fingers without them snapping off!! Yay my nailss are nice ans strong and I can now get then to a perfect length were I can shape them and make them all pretty by spending ages doing nail art as I love doing it :)
3. Um and now it gets really hard... My feet I guess, they let me do the things I love and are nice and strong and thankfully naturally very flexible which helps a lot in ballet!! I can almost get them to touch the ground while pointing them!! Even though they are not the prettiest feet ever, well actually they are pretty gross haha!! Covered in blisters are scars from my point shoes and my nails ae constantly bruised and and my toes kind of angle in from wearing my points so often!  Haha bt that's okay because I love them and what they are capable of doing!
4. My blue eyes, as they are just a nice colour. Haha I don't know I just like them and are not too npbig and not too small just the perfect size
5. Annnddd Ahhh this is sooo hard!! Let's go with with my cute freckles that make an appearance in summer :)

I found this sooo hard, which is a bit sad in a way as t shouldn't be but it is. That s something I should work on I guess loving every single little centimeter of my body!
How did you go did you find doing this hard as well??

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