Saturday, 20 December 2014

5 days till Christmas!!

I can't believe there is only 5 days untill Christmas!!! The year has gone by sooo fast!! A very hard year, with big challenges but also filled with lots of fun and joy! I can't wait until Christmas! But I don't want tit to be over either! I love having decorations up and lovely Christmas baking to eat in the lead up to the big day.

Yesterday we went out for our annual Christmas lunch with our family friends that we do every year to a lovely cafe called the raspberry cafe as you can go out and pick your own raspberries and other berries out the back. Sadly this year the season has been very late so we probably won't have many berries except strawberries for christmas! And there won't be any cherries either :( well there are but they are soooo expensive as the aren't very available about $30-40 for 1kg!! It is all very sad as I love Christmas berries and cherries!! Well anyway for lunch I had a adult size BLT open sandwich which I was super proud of as it was from the adult menu and I ate all of it when normally I struggle eating a kids sized one, I always get weird looks when i Order from the kids menu!! Hahah!! But not this time! And for desert as this place is known for its amazing deserts I had a meringue with strawberries and cream which was very good!

Today was nt very exciting and was spent going to the library in the morning to pick up my series DVD (and books of course!! Only about 10 of them ;))  which I wanted to watch then watching it all afternoon on my bed, well not all afternoon about 1,30 hours and eating my sushi for lunch :)
Then I played some badminton with my brother without a net as we couldn't be bothered to put it up ;) and I can happily say I suck at it! I can barely hit the ball shuttlecock haha I dont think you can call a little feathered thing a ball!?? But it was super fun until I got stung by a bee :( which was not fun at all and hurt a lot! I blame R fr stirring up them from hitting the lavender bushes so many times and making them buzz around hahah!! But t was probably my fault for hitting them in that direction a lot, not n purpose though, hahah I really am terrible at it ;) but it had gone down now which is good as it went all swollen and puffy but it is alright now ;) it just hurts to walk as t is on the bottom of my foot!!

Tomorrow my mum and I are going t make the Christmas fruit cake!! Yay baking!! :) and like always t is my jodpb to ice and decorate it which I am really looking forward t doing :) yay!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Stay strong ;)
Lots of love Livvy xoxo :)

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