Friday, 5 December 2014

My broken city...

Some pictures of broken Christchurch after the September 4th 2010 7.1 and the one that did most of the damage the Feb 22nd 2011 6.3, our city is started to be rebuilt but 4 years have gone past and this is still what it looks like...

 These are some of the many giraffes that have been placed around Chch. They are meant to represent Stand tall Christchurch
I think they are cool and it is always fun to see them around as the are all painted with different designs form black with stars to zebra print to wearing construction suits to rainbows!!!
Some of the other ones around!! Aren't they cute xD

Hopefully our city can be built back up to what it use to be!!!
It is sad as I was little when they happened and it has been sooo long I can now barely remember what Chch use to be but I am sure it will be just as nice once it is rebuilt even though it is estimated it will take 17 years!!! :(

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