Sunday, 28 December 2014

My Christmas 2014 :)

Hiii I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and could enjoy it too !!!
I got my laptop that I wanted (and I need one for school next year as well) and this is the first ever post written on it...exciting!! And now I can post pictures anytime I want yay!! I had a great time with all my family and grandparents and they seemed to like all the presents I got for them as well :) and of course the food was delicious and I did eat a lot of it, probably too much ;)
 our table

 hhahah I didnt take a picture fast enough before my family got stuck into the cake :)

 the ham

 simple shortbread, just ask if you want me to post the recipe :)

 Christmas morning after we put all our presents under the tree (well 'Santa' did :))

 Trifle and my chocolate truffles 

And our good Kiwi Pav :) My fav 

How did you spend your Christmas?? I hope it was great!!
Lots of love Livvy xoxo 


  1. Aaaaaw *_* really lovely pictures Livvy ;) I am sooo happy for you, you were able to enjoy your christmas and received everything you wished (of course from Santa Clause :D hahaaa had to smile a lot at this point)
    And the pics of all the fooooood look simply delicious and sooo cute ;) and for me it is so funny to see all of those christmas stuff at such a hot weather and all the fresh fruits and so on ;) while here in Germany snow is falling and you are having such a hot weather at this time of the year :)
    Wish you a lovely week and keep your blog up like this, I really enjoy reading it :)
    xxx Ange

  2. Aww thanks Ange !! :) yes same here it is soo weird reading your blog where it is all cosy and wintery when over here it is sunny (well most of the time,haha our summers are usually filled with rain anyway :)) and hot!! Thanks I really love reading your blog too!!
    Lots of love Livvy xoxo :)

    1. Hahaaa *_* oh yeeeeees this really feels weird, I totally agree with you Livvy ;) is it actually really raining a lot in NZ or where you live? =) sorry for being so curies ;) Oh and by the way I loooove your cuuute cookies ;) really lovely :)
      Aaaaaaw :-* thank you, getting such a compliment means so much for me ;)
      Lots and lots of love from Germany again
      xxx Ange

    2. Hiiii umm yes it does rain quite a bit where we live in summer, mostly just drizzle though. But it never really gets very hot about 15-18 degrees is about the average temp but occasionally it will reach 25-30 but not very often but it is nice when it does!! But rain in summer is common, a couple of years ago it snowed in the middle of summer!! But we werent complaining as it always is in negatives in winter but rarely snows where we live or it doesnt settle on the ground and we got a week off school too!! Haha!!
      Do you get days off school/university when it snows?? probably not if it snows a lot.. anyway that was a lot longer than I thought it would be hopefully you can make some sense of it ;)
      lots of love Livvy xoxo