Tuesday, 9 December 2014

No more school!!!

YAYYYY today was the last day of school for the year!!!! I am soooo happy!!!! I don't have to wear this over sized uniform for another 7 weeks!!! yayyy!!! And please don't laugh at the size of my jacket it is the smallest size there is!! Why do I have to be so short!! It is so long as well as wide!!!

And my horribly messy room!! Ignore all the stuff on my mirror I put it on when I will little and well I havent got round to taking it all off, haha!!

 But yayayy no more school!!!

We had prize giving today and I got top of class for science and merit over all in school work and only 3-4 people in each class get that so I am happy!! :)

I hope you are all well!! When do you finish school for the year??

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