Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Hiiiii. :)

Hello all!! How are you all??! And only 23 days until Christmas!! And only 6 days left of school for the year!! Yayyyy!! I hope your Christmas countdown has started off well!
How have I been?? Pretty good :) I got the top year 10 mark for social studies out of the whole year! 500 students! Well along with 2 others who got the same score as me :) so. Am very happy about that :) :) tonight I have tennis training then I am going to see our school junior musical fiddler on the roof!! Sme of my friends are in it so it will be cool to watch, I would but except for dance I have no musical ability what so ever especially with singing and pretty much the whole thing is singing so yeah you can guess why I didn't trial for it ;) haha!!
On Sunday we went to the gardens as a family and I have some photos I want to put up for you but between m brothers friend and him hogging it and my mum working I haven't been able to get n the computer!
Today we had school ID photos :( I hate having my photo taken a they don't say when they are taking it and you only get one chance to take a good one then you are stuck with it for the rest of the year :( so if it is a bad photo you have to live with the humiliation of it for a whole year as it is printed on our student card, bus card and is handed or to all the teachers we will have for next year!! So I hope mine is okay :) and they don't tell you until about 10min before so I couldn't do my hair nicely! I didn't even know they were taking any today or this week at all!! So hmm they can have my lovely frizzy hair and crinkled uniform :) I was such a rebel though hahah!! Not. When I walked in the lady sighed and said pull you skirt down it is too short take your necklace off (even though I have a note from the dean so I can wear it she didn't listen) take you jacket off pull your collar down fully do u the top button (not that anyone does as it strangles you and makes you look nerdy!!) and take that un regulation pink ribbon out of you hair!! Hahhhaa!! Well my skirt is very long compared to others mine  reachs my knee while some of the other girls were wayyyy above them! And I always wear a ribbon in my hair of all different colours and never once have I been told off for it! In my last photo I have a green one in my hair and no one cares!!  But oh we'll I think that teacher just has something against me hahah!! My friends behind me couldn't stop laughing :) yes it was kind of funny as she let everyone else pass except me but at the same time it was s triggering for my anxiety I felt like crying and being sick so that wasn't fun.
Looking forward to tonight :)
Love you all xoxo :)

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