Friday, 5 December 2014


Today we, well I set up the Christmas tree and decorated the living room and hallway
Here is the finished look :)

 My Cat Byron loving the tinsel and attacking a lot of it :)
 The fire place decorated by me :)
 My Stocking 
And Rs stocking 
My Aunty is soo talented!! she must of spent ages on them as she cross-stitched by hand both of them!!!
 This is a wee owl we got today as our new decoration,
guess who spotted it and fell in  love with him??!!
He is sooo cute!! And he is still yet to be named so any suggestions are welcome!!

The little Santas the sit under our TV
And dun dun dun... The tree!!!!
haha we have so much stuff to put on it!!!!
Sadly it has to be a fake one as my dad and I get bad hayfever so I would be sneezing so much with bright red eyes hahah!! 

 And some of my favorite decorations on the tree!!
The owl and teddybear are the new ones we got this year!!!

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