Friday, 12 December 2014

Day five

Five of you goals:

1. To be able to go anywhere without freaking out and thinking the worst is gong to happen, and just freeing myself of anxietys firm grip. NO anxiety at all with anything I do!!
2. To be able to eat whatever I want when I want and not t think that it is bad and i shouldn't eat this or thnk all of the 'bad' stuff the product contains and without anxiety or guilty ness
3. To strenghten my immune system back to what it use to be, as I have made it very weak and damaged and I am sick of being sick all the time. There is really not a day where I don't have headaches or a cold etc.  Would love to build it strength back and not to be seen as the girl that is barely at school and is always sick
4. To make it into m school senior volleyball team as there are few spaces and I will be trialling against people 3-4 years older than me, and. Love volleyball and t would be great to get in!! And this time I am NOT going to be a anxious that I have a massive anxiety attack as miss trials! My goal not to!
5. To pass all my NCEA exams as I will be sitting level one next year!! Ahhhh!! The point when all your school work and marks count to getting a good university and job!! I just want t pass them all with good high marks especially maths!! Hahah I got into Cambridge maths course as well which is great as it is recognized world wide but it s apparently very hard and I really want to pass that!! And my French A1 exam which is also a worldwide recognized exam so they both have very high standars!! So my goal is to pass all my exams with good marks!

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