Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Day two

Five things you are good at:

1. Science ;) and schoolwork, really not a sports person hahaha I love it but I have no coordination what so ever especially when it comes to ball sports ;)
2. Dance, ballet although I would love to be better than I am now
3. Art, drawing and painting. Hahaha if you exclude drawing people ;) !!
4. Listening, perks of being shy and quiet :) you become a good listener that all your friends can come to :)
And 5. Giving compliments :) I love giving compliments to others as it makes them feel good as well as making me feel great about making someone happy!! If only it was as easy to except them back, it is strange being so easy to give out a compliment but is so hard actually believe and except what the other person is saying and not think oh they are lying, they are just trying to be nice back when really my hair looks terrible today etc. but I think I am good and love giving them out :) once I manage to actually speak through all the anxiety and panic I have rushing through me having to talk to someone else even if they are a close friend I know I can trust, it is hard but I will get through it !! :)

What do you think?? What are you good at?? Heaps of stuff I am sure!!
Have a nice day, stay strong, lots of love

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