Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Hellooo again :) and the start of my gingerbread house!!

Hi guys I hope you are all well!!
Today I made my gingerbread house!! I have baked it and put it together but t was getting late and my parents wanted the kitchen to prepare dinner so decorating it will be my top priority tomorrow! So we will have pictures tomorrow when it (hopefully) looks really pretty!! Yay I am soo excited! I love decorating things!! Haha just like I did all the Christmas decorating around the house and the tree and made all the cards as well everyone assumes I will do it and of course I do as it is soo fun!!  One of the sides of the house I probably didn't cook long enough so it is a bit soft and with the weight if the roof on it I am seriously hoping t will last the night !! But if it does crack of collapse there is nothing a bit of sticky icing can't fix ;) ;) haha how many times has icing saved me?!?
The recipe I used tastes really nice and s much better than my one last year that made me cook it twice and chill in between bakings and oh it was such a strange recipe! But this one was sper easy and tastes really good! I will post the recipe tomorrow with the pictures if anyone would like to try it out and we can have matching gingerbread houses!! Haha but it made tonnes of dough so as well as the house I have 82 gingerbread biscuits as well so if anyone would like me to send them some biscuits we are trying to get rid of some hahah!! Already given some off to Rs teachers and my old ones from primary as it was his last day at primary today!! Aww he will be a big teenager next year and at high school with me Ahhh!! My two years of freedom frm him at school are over ;)  naa just kidding I love him sooo much ;) and some have gone into the freezer and we still have 82 left!? And yes I did count all of them ;) hahah!!
Finger crossed it will last the night :) xx

Merry Christmas from nz
Lots of love Livvy xoxox

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