Monday, 22 December 2014

Only three days to go!!

Wow I am sooo excited :) :) 3 days!!
And I think I am pretty much ready to go :) I spent about 3 hours today wrapping up presents I got every one, it shouldn't of taken that long but me being me it all had to be perfect each with their own little hand made tag and ribbons perfectly curled so yes it took me a while ;) haha!!
Today has also been spent baking yayy!! :) some chocolate truffles and Christmas tree chocolates (well that's what we call them they are just homemade chocolates with nuts and fruit mince mix and cranberries etc. added into them and int my little tree moulds to set :)) and a chocolate cake which kinda turned into a blackforest cake of sorts, with mock cream and cherries inside but it tastes really good!! As we has friends over for afternoon tea :)
Tomorrow I hope to go and see mocking jay as I know I still haven't yet!! If I can find someone to go with that is hopefully R changes his mind and comes with me :)
And some bad news.. My gingerbread house got knocked my one side has completely collapsed :( but we still have half a house that is still standing!! Haha it can now only be viewed from side on!! But on the good side we had some gingerbread to nibble up :)

I hope you are well and have a very lovely and merry christmas!!
Lots of love Livvy
Xoxoxo :)

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