Thursday, 6 November 2014

Super nervous for tomorrow!!

Ahhh volleyball tournament tomorrow!!! And there is a lot of pressure on us to do well as my school has won this tournament eight years in a row now!! Well the A team had but still we are playing in division one as well so we have lots of pressure to meet the standards of our school! Ahhh I honestly feel sick about it and tomorrow morning it is going to be so much worse! It was so hard to eat tea tonight because I am already anxious about it even though I shouldnt be at all! Or at least before ur first game! Why oh why does anxiety make me feel sick and lose my appetite!?? Because then it is hard t eat and I get angry and worried parents making me eat more.
I also have my lovely bus driver that was 30minutes late yesterday so I had to stand n the rain for half an hours dripping wet and cold for my lovely cold I now have. Thank you so much... I had three different people ask me if I was okay because I looked like I was about to burst into tears!! Haha I wasn't! Well except fr maths where I was pretty close to it... Because I felt terrible (and still do) couldn't breathe properly, didn't understand anything we were doing when the rest f the class did and I was panicking and yeah... That wasn't fun... But I don't have math until next Tuesday so I have until then to relax and nt worry at it.. But the other times I think was because I probably looked as bad as I felt hahaha oh well :) tomorrow will be better I hope :) and I have no math!!! :)
Ahh but I am freaking out about tommorow!!! And we will be chosen to travel with the A team based on our proformance so it is really important i play well and our whole team does well as well!! Anyways I should get a good nights sleep (dought it I am freaking out!!) for tomorrow s good night :)

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