Friday, 7 November 2014

Volleyball day one :)

Well today was our first day of our volleyball tournament and well we didn't do very well... We did come last in our pool... But we did probably have the hardest pool though. We have two teams that came second and third last year and one team about the same level as us but we lost to them :( sadly but we won the first set ! We just lost the others... But the team that came first in our pool we almost won the sets against the,! Like we had to go over 25 but we finally lost 28-26 :( so it was really close!!
So tomorrow we will be playing for places 13-16 hmm not very good... As long as we don't come last (16th) place we will be fine :)  hahaha I dought we will!! And as long as we beat those extremely bitchy yr nines!! But it is unlikely haha unless they came last in their pool as well! But I don't know how they did so maybe they did!! Hopefully!! Them we can smash them ;) haha so I am extremely tired! And every body part hurts!! So hopefully it is gone in the morning as we have another three games tomorrow!! Wish me luck ;)

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