Saturday, 8 November 2014

All about anxiety

What is anxiety?
Well that's start with it is one of the most horrible things you can evr have! It affects our whole body, it has affects on how we feel and how we behave and react in different situations. It asks come with lovely very real horrible physical feelings as well. It feels like being frightened and fear but you don't and can't tell most of the time what or why we feel this way. It is extremely hard to cope with but you can overcome it in the end!

How can I tell if it is anxiety?
Well as well as feeling scared you might get some physical symptoms as well. I find I often trick myself into thinking I am actually sick when I am really not it is just anxiety playing with me, this of corse makes me even more anxious!
Some common physical sysmptoms are:
- feeling sick/nausea
- headache
- shaking/trembling
- racing heart beat
- pins and needles or numbness in arms hands and legs
- sweating
- loss of appitite
- diarrhoea
- feeling like breaking down
- crying
- tense muscles
- and on bad days even throwing up

What causes anxiety?
Well with a anxiety disorder like mine (or even just mild anxiety now and then) it will most probably be caused by stress or if something you really don't want to do which is coming up. Some people will develop and become a lot more vulnerable to anxiety and maybe develop disorders than others. For some people it will just be tiny and not noticeable and can deal with it easily and for others it can take over their lives and be extremely debilitating. What can happen is we can also make normal situations into really big deals and very hard to deal with like going to schoo or work in the morning, we make ourselves anxious by self negative talk and thoughts telling us bad things are going to happen and we just shouldn't go, so we avoid that situation or place thus only making it worse next time. Some people also have 'triggers' like certain things or places where it reminds them of a one off thing that happened a long time ago and brings up bad memories making them think eg if I go to the supermarket this is going to happen again it will be horrible like last time I can't do it, and therefore they avoid the place or object making the anxiety worse.

When does anxiety become a problem?
Anxiety becomes a problem when it starts to take over your life even when there is nothing to be afraid of or it turns up and you have no idea why and there is no threat or danger, if your thoughts and anxiety become 'unreal' thoughts eg. I can't go to the park because a war might break out and I could be killed... Don't worry things like this are NOT going to happen it is just your mind playing with you and you can take back over it again! Orif the anxiety stops you doin things you love or going places or if the anxiety lasts well past when the danger has passed (if there is any). 

What can I do to help the feelings go away?
- learn some relaxation techniques eg. Deep breathing, meditation, muscle relaxation techniques etc.
- learn to manage stress in your life, make sure you look for deadlines and don't wait to the last minute t do things, give yourself time.
- learn to change your negative self talk eg. If you are thinking 'there are too many people around what if someone hurts me or embarrasses me' instead try to think ' if something goes wrong or if I get hurt there are lots of lovely people around that can help me out'   I know this can be hard but if you say it to yourself enough times and often enough you wil start to believe it and instead if thinking negatively all the time you will just think positively without trying! Which is a great feeling to have instead of negativiety all the time
- look after your body and don't forget to treat it now and then :) eat regularly and probably, exercise enough (but don't over do it) get enough sleep and avoid drugs etc.

Anxiety is hard but with a bit f work and effort you can get over it!! If I can so can you!! It des help to see a councillor or therapist who can look after you and help you get through it!! You can do it!! :) 
Lots of love and good luck L. 
Xoxox :)

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