Monday, 24 November 2014


Hi guys !! Well I don't really have much to say today :/
I got some results back today from my exams and I don't think I did that well... It didn't deserve the crying and panic before school that's for sure, I mean if I got 70% or higher it might of been wrth it but I wasn't today... Well for math I got 45%... But it was okay as the highest score was 78% and the lowest 27%  so in the middle and this is the extension class I am talking about!! The top yr 10 kids out of 500 that we havein our yr!! So that proves how hard the test was. It was the fact it was so long and no one got near he end so no one gt near finishing it a all. S all our marks dropped from the fact it was so long. And it is kinda embarrassing as we got a much harder test so when some kids in our form class get 93% because their test was easy peasy and I could of gotten full marks. But that's life. And dun dun dun I got my French results back, honesty if you saw me walking into that class room well it would of taken a while as I kinda waited outside to scared to go in but my awesome friend was there and understands how hard it is for me and so she got me actually in the class haha!! I would of gone in when the second bell went well I think I would of... I probably looked completely stupid trying not to burst into tears and freak out in class but I can thank my friend for not letting me and comforting me!! Thank you so much I love you!! I couldn't survive my classes without you, you are an amazing wonderful best friend I could ever have! Xoxo! But it was okay in the end, I got excellence for reading merit for listening (1/2 a mark off excellence!! Grrr that's annoying!)  and achieved for writing... Oops... :/  but hey I passed I guess which is a relife as I thought I was going to fail the writing. But as some people (aka me and others) got lower marks than normal ie my achieved when I normally get excellence on it she is going to average out our years scores for the one we did not so well on so I won't get an achieved on my report yay! So thankfully that is over!
Now time to get all panicky about tomorrow and more results... Yay! Not.... :/
 I hope you are all fantastically well!
Lots of love
L. Xoxo :)

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