Sunday, 16 November 2014

My brain hurts...

How has my whole day been spent?? Well, I have spent thee whole day studying and doing my theme study which is due on Tuesday. Who sets a 8 hour asseingment gives you two weeks to do it in and due the day before exams?! Really??! Honestly I don't think anyone has time to sit down and do it in one go, I don't have that time! And I am super busy after school and have lots of other things I am committed to doing as well, like tennis ballet volleyball etc. as well as other smaller hw tasks making food ;) and spending and doing jobs with my family. So it has been really hard to get that all done, I am quite happy with myself. Today I have written four essays, and a page about a symbol that reflects dystopian society in the novel pawn (really really good book if anyone wants to read it it called pawn by Aimee carter) a criteria for my theme and made a book cover of acid by Emma pass (also a amazing book, intact one of my favs!  After Harry potter of course ;) you should read it it is so good ;)) all in one day!! As well as spending an hour on maths and finishing my science notes that I will have to memorize before Wednesday!? So I feel as though I have accomplished something today :)  yayy!! But I am super stressed about exams in three days!! Ahhh!! I just want about another week so I can have everything super sorted out and memorized! But that won't happen.. Not unless there is a freak snow storm in the middle of summer ;) or another earthquake (we got about a month and a haf off after that!) but really I don't want that to happen, our city is already destroyed and I don't want any more people being killed or injured or any more damaged property again.
And for a nice suprise as I had been working all day, and were proud of me ;) haha.. My mum and dad decided that we would go out fr tea with our family :) yay!! We went to a lovely Chinese restaurant and everything was sooo good especially the sweet and sour pork and the dumplings :) and I think I found my new all time fav vegetable, bok choy!! Cooked in garlic, oh my gosh it was so good!! I think I ate about 9/10 of the whole bowl, my parents didn't get very much haha!! And well R was not going near anything that was green like always :)  we also got BBQ pork, chicken and cashews, fried rice, the amazing sweet and sour pork, dumplings, and fresh spring rolls made with rice paper (not deep fried) and ginger beef and it was all super yummy, I ate so much that I made my stomach cramp up which was not nice but at least I knew I ate enough :) haha, better more than less ;) it was probably because I am not use to eating that much, but it was a normal portion so I guess my stomach has not been stretched out to a normal size again yet :( but t is getting there :) !! Yay!
So that was a nice suprise! And then back home to studying again :( only five days and they will all be over!! Yayyy!! Then only a few weeks left of being a yr 10!! And finally six weeks of lovely holidays! Yaayyyyy!! Can't wait :)
When do you finish school? Do you have your big holiday over Christmas or not? I don't know if it is just NZ that does that, America has there's in the middle of the yr right?? Haha I have no idea ;)  as you can tell!!

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