Saturday, 22 November 2014


Hey guys how are you? fantastic I hope :)

Today it got to 30 degrees!!! Ahhhh it was amazing!!! probably thee only hot day we will get this summer haha! It was great except for the fact I had tennis this morning and let me tell you playing singles for two hours in scorching hot sun is not fun. At all. And I thought  I put sunscreen everywhere but I must of forgot the top of my right arm as now I have an awesome bright red tan line from my top :/ oops..

Today my Mum, my Gran and I went to the Royal NZ ballet, A Christmas Carol, and it was sooo good!! I loved every tiny bit of it !!!

 The theater is so pretty :) It has just been finished being restored after it was badly damaged in the earthquake but they did a good job of it, it looks just like it did before the earthquake :)
(haha pics from google :))

 And my hair that I am quite proud of :)
And my super yummy lunch after two very long games of tennis :) 
deserved every little bit of it :) I only managed 6 bits but I am pretty happy with that.

Hey I am soo sorry this is late I thought I published it but I obviously pressed the wrong button as it didnt but it did save :) sorry :)

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