Thursday, 13 November 2014

Running achievement!!!

Woooohooo!! My last beep test ever is finally completed!!! Yayayyy!! And I am pretty damn happy with how I did too! I got to level 8.1 which is my personal record ever by a lot! My previously scores were 6.4, 6.9, and 7.5 so I am super happy!! And I got a merit for it!! Yayayyy! All my other scores were at a achieved level but I am sooo happy I made it to 8 and merit level :) yayay and I felt great afterwards too, well after all the panting and dying on the ground ;) I am thinking of doing some runs n my free time because the feeling after was amazing! Hahah thus coming from me the girl that hates running!! Haha I probably won't get around to it though ;)

Tomorrow I have a day off school!! Yayay!! As it is show weekend so everyone gets a day off and y friend M and I are going to go to the show all day tomorrow with my dad and brothers so that will be super fn but a the same time I am so anxious it is not funny, there will be over 3000-4000 people there and ummmm.... Yeah... I hate being around so many people with so many things that could go wrong and..... I am going to stop now before I make it worse. But the show is always fun with all the baby animals and bouncy castles ;) and free stuff a couple of years ago R and I both came home with big blue bits of tubing form a plumbing stand hahah!! And every kind of junk food you can imagine and I am nt going t think about that at all, I am going to eat it and enjoy it, not caring about it just truly liking it and it will be great! Just have to keep a positive attitude, and really we all know eating junk food for one day isn't going to make a differencs is it?! It might make you bloated the next day and feel a bit sick but otherwise it is NOT going to make you suddenly put on X kg because it won't it doesn't work like that, maybe if you ate it all day everyday but me day is going to do nothing!! Remember that :)

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