Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Hey guys :)

Hi I am really sorry for not posting in a while, I have been super busy and so tired I just haven't had time :(
So I will catch you up :) yesterday I had volleyball again! But it was fun, no one really took it seriously until the last set when the other teams coach had a big yelling fit at them to get there act together and then they won sadly :( but it was so so fun and we won the first set 25-8 so yeah :)  but we won by default as the other team only had five players so they had to borrow one of ours so we kinda won ;) haha. And I didn't manage injure myself all weekend but I do in a friendly match really??! Haha I tore/pulled a muscle down the side of my thumb as I was returning a spike and it bent my thumb all the way back and it did really hurt buti still played and now a day later it is so sore, school was even worse than normal as it hurt to hold a pen and write :( I probably should tape it to sto it going back again but I don't have any tape left so I will cope.
I also stuffed my knee :( it was a really cool way of doing it though :) haha well let me explain... The ball was spiked and heading fr the ground and n one was standing where it was going so J dived and got it but it went strait up so M also dived and got it again but it wasnt going to go over so J and I ith dived at the same time smashed into each other as I was diving and you are meant to land n your hands and slide on your tummy like a penguin but because J hit me in mid air my knee went strait into the ground and pulled my knee pad off so as well as it being bruised and I think I did something to the muscle I don't know I have a lovely big ugly graze of floor burn covering my whole knee and it bleed fr ages :(  and now my knee is killing me :( it hurts to bend even a litte and walking is so painful especially when I go up stairs and down them and all my classes are upstairs :( so ten times a day I have t walk up or down stairs :(  so ballet is going to be fun tomorrow ;(  yay balancing on a leg than I can't striated probably and shakes and I can barley put weight on :(  so that will be intresting... But all in all in was pretty cool as we got the point in a awesome way and all three of us were lying on the floor laughing ;) hahah it was great :)

Tennis tonigh was fun as always :) except for holding a racket as my thumb is sore and the running part but. Told my coach so I didn't do much at all instead of running t the ball as normal when we were practicing he just fed the ball strait t me which was nice of him so that was all good :)

Today we were meant to do our science test as we missed out on friday as we had volleyball but we walked in and he said not to worry about it t wasn't important and he will just give us a guessed mark based on our previous scores so I got an excellence yay as I have gotten excellence on all my tests this year :) but I am quite disappointed as well as I was panicking so much ths morning and thought I was going t throw up and I studied all weekend and Monday night for nothing but oh we'll I still got an excellence s I guess it didn't matter so much.

I am so nervous as my exams arein 8 days!!! Ahh!!!

I hope your last few days have been amaze :)
Love ya all xoxoxo :) !!!!
Bye :)

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