Friday, 28 November 2014


Hey guys, I hope you are well!
I just finished my tennis for this morning which I won my singles match 9-0!!! Yayayay!!  I am pretty happy about that but I feel really bad at the same time as I normally play as number 1 (top of team) but today. Played as number 3,I don't know why, I think our coach just wanted us to win both our doubles matches, but as I played 3 I had a really easy component so I won each game 40-0 or 40-15 I don't think the poor girl gt more than 4 or 5 points in total! Aww I feel bad, I even tryed to let her win won but she couldn't return the softest and simplist hits I could do and she kept double faulting... S that bit wasn't my fault, I didn't even get the chance to bring out my awesome forehand!!  And then we had  to default our second game as one of our p,ayers didn't turn up so I didn't get a doubles match :( I was looking forward to tennis but I only got one really easy game where I didn't have to try :( hopefully next week I can go back being number one!

Ahhh I have my speaking test in french on monday!! I HATE having t speak infront f the class especially in French! So I a all panicky about that :(

This afternoon I am planning to try and mak some fudge as I want to make it as gifts for Christmas but I want to make sure it works and tastes okay first! Haha everytime I attempt to make fudge it fails, I either burn it or it tastes gross or it doesn't set and it is all runny so we just have funde sauce in icecream instead hahah!! Just s we don't waste it, but I am going to have hope in this new recipe I found!! Fingers crossed!!

And I am n the middle of writing the Christmas tradition post as requested sothat will be up soon too :)

Lots of love Livvy :) xoxo

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