Thursday, 29 January 2015

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Yesterday had been stressful and full of anxiety but I managed to do two things without breaking down or freaking out, which I am super proud of doing!!  ....Going to school for my first day (well is wasn't really a day we were only at school for an hour and a half for a assembly, our timetabled classes start on Monday) AND going to the supermarket buying the ingredients then coming home and cooking dinner for the family and eating it!! Yay!! all of that and being okay with it I am super happy!!! 
For dinner I made sweet and sour chicken from THIS website and fried rice using my Dads recipe as he grew up in Hong Kong with his parents before moving to Chch when he was 12 and he went to boarding school here. I seriously recommend the chicken it is sooo good and tastes like the stuff you would buy from a restaurant!! It is also super easy to make as all you need to do prep the chicken and brown it and then put in the oven with all the sauce ingredients and cook it for an hour!!
I did have pictures but my camera ran out of battery right at the end and it didn't save any of them :( But with fried rice it is fantastic!! :)

Today I am also doing something which I am terrified about and have to leave for in 30min, But I am determined to not panic about it, it probably seems like nothing but for me it is a big thing. I am going to bus for 50min into town and then have a ten min walk in a area I dont know very well ( I have a little map, but I am terrible with direction so its not going to help very much) and go bowling with my friend. The bowling and busing part I am okay with but it is the ten min walk and getting off at the right stop I am almost certain I am going to get wrong and get lost, and I dont really want to wandering around the town by myself with only a little map completely lost, but my parents are at work and I cant drive so i have no choice. But it will be okay I  hope :) 
anyways I should probably leave for the bus stop now as it is quite far away so wish me luck :)

Hope you are all well!!
Lots of Love Livvy xoxox

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