Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Baking day tomorrow!

Hi all, well I think I will start with today
Today was a quite-ish day with my two brothers and mum, we went out to a cafe for morning tea where I had half a piece of lolly cake as I couldn't eat it all and just water to drink, then we walked down the road to the library and I got the final season of the series I am re-watching and I also found out I have been saying library wrong the whole time and I had nooo idea! Haha well that's what I was told :) apparently I say li-berry instead of libRary hahaha well I think I say it fine anyway.
We then spent about an hour feeding the ducks with my 2yr old brother and running around the gardens which was super fun and relaxing.

Tomorrow is going to have to be a massive baking day as I havent done any since we got back from our trip as I haven't had time and I am kind of in a phase again where I find it hard to eat something if I made it or know all the ingredients that went into it, I know it's stupid but I will give it ago, just sticking with not knowing what is in the food I am eating makes it so much easier but I know I can and should eat my own baking. So for R I am making banana chocolate chip muffins, for my mum I  am making chocolate chip biscuits (I love how she asks "everyone reallllyyy wants you  to make them" when it is only her that reallllyyy wants them!!), for my dad (and me, i really want to try amd be able to say i can make them) I am going to have my first attempt at making profiteroles  so that wil be interesting and for me I am going to make some chia seed crackers as I found a recipe for them and they look soo yummy with all the seeds and nuts in them! So yep I am going to have a super busy day tomorrow as I will have to walk to the supermarket to get the ingredients as well as it takes 20min walk one way and then longer carting all the heavy bags (milk bottles are my enemy especially when I have to buy two 2L bottles as my brothers drink sooo much! They are heavy!) so it will take me over an hour to do it all! But yeah I will have fun! And hopefully fun eating them too fingers crossed I will try my best too!! Recipes will be up tomorrow!

Hope you are all well!
What are your fav recipes?? Lots of love
Livvy xoxox :)


  1. <3 oooh i have so many drecipes that I love hun, but if I had to choose one...probably my very own biscuit cake with loadsss of chocolate ganache ;) it's just irresistible!! Hope your baking went well!! I jst want to say I really, really admire you for how passionate you are about baking and I think your blog is so amazing <3 keep writing Livvy!! lots of love!! <3 xxxxxx

    1. Aww thank you sooo much Emmy!! It means the world to me!!! I love baking so much and I really need to try out your biscuit cake recipe I never get around to it but have been meaning to for a loonnnggg time now it does really look good!! Thanks so much it makes me sooo happy that you read my blog and like it!!! I love yours as well!!
      Lots of love
      Livvy xoxoxox :)

      THANKYOU!! your comments always make me smile :D

    2. <3 you are so welcome hun! I really do mean it though <3 And baking is the BEST! I really miss not being able to do it here in hopsital! Aww and biscuit cake has to be my favourite cake ever it's so irresistibly chocolatey ;) Thanks so much Livvy <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx