Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Okay so after quite a bit of panic and nerves I did end up going ziplining, well it wasn't really my choice to go as my Dad booked the tickets that morning while I was asleep and paid for it so it would be a waste if I didn't go. It was really fun but terrifying at the same time. Worth all the panic and tears on the way and pleading not to make me do it maybe not... But still I am glad I went!! And now I can say I won against anxiety (well for ziplining and heights anyway) and have done the longest and steepest tree to tree zipline in the world!! My Dad didnt tell me this part I only found out on the last of six lines by the guide and if I had known I would not of gotten in the car that morning! But I was there and very high up in a tree house and there was no ladder or track back down to the ground or back through the forest so I had no choice but to go down it, that or being stuck up in a open tree house for the rest of my life ;) I can say I never want to do it ever again (well the big one anyway,the smaller ones were okay ;)) But if you get the chance I would recommend doing it as it was a great experience and fun (and scary but you get over that part) !!

 Excuse the finger please ;) 
This was taken half way down the zipline and I was in complete terror and taking a good photo was the last of my worries ;)

 I dont think you can see but this is the steepest one but it drops off right about where you cant see the line any more haha!!! 
And this was taken before the first line walking down to reach it, The view is sooo pretty up there!!!

I do have a video as well but I am having trouble uploading it and it is soo blurry and my finger is over it most of the time haha!!as I was just trying to focus on not screaming and not dropping it in the middle of a forest and trying not to listen to the voice in my head telling the line was going to snap etc. so you probably dont want to see it anyway ahah!!! But I will try and upload it another time, probably in a few days time back home again where I have reliable internet connection :)

Well that was probably the most challenging thing I have done this holiday that and eating a whole pizza minus two peices without feeling guilty at all and actually ordering it off a menu!! So I am proud of myself :)
What have you done that has challenged you this holiday??

Lots of Love Livvy
xoxo :)

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