Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Day 5 and 6

Right sorry guys I know I have been absent these last couple of days :( I have just been soo busy and I was at my friends place until late and I just came home and went to sleep haha :) and yesterday I was the only person to turn up to our tennis training so I had a private lesson pretty much and it was such hard work but super fun and I felt like dying afterwards haha, so unfit XD

So I will combine the last two days of Izzys positive recovery challenge :)

Day 5
How is life after being recovered/ how do you want your life to be after recovery?

>>Well I would love more freedom with everything, being able to go out and not worry about everything on the planet, and having the choice of what to eat and when I want to eat it, going out and being ale to just be sponastious and not have to plan everything and freak out if it isn't what I planned for and just have the feedom to do all of that and just enjoy myself
>> To be trusted by my family again to eat probably and well as being able to stay at home by myself as sometimes my parents don't trust me to be by myself as they are afraid as what I might do t myself and I don't blame them as there was I time I didn't trust myself to look after me either but that time was long ago and I don't plan to go back there anytime soon, but sometimes they just think that i would fall back into cutting etc. If they weren't there to keep an eye on me at all times which is not necassasry anymore I am not going back to that but sometimes they forget. So I would love to gain the trust of my family to look after myself and EAT when they are not there because I will I promise.
>> To be happy and enjoy all the things I use to again and have fun with my life and not worry about what is going to happen in it and just be able to go worthy the flow of things :)
>> Anxiety free!!!
>> stress free!! Haha yeah right :) exam year...

Day 6
What are your goals for the future?

>> to be fully recovered and get rid of the voice in my head forever!
>> to finish high school (and all Ncea exams) with good high marks and get into a good university course hopefully to study some kind of science at the new science department which is opening the year I am going to start uni yay!  So excited brand new buildings etc! If I want to do science that is, I think I do but I still have nooo idea what I want to be or do when I am o,der :)
>> to have a awesome exciting happy life with lots of opportunities to take up with a job I love to do (not sure what that is yet :))

And that is about all as I don't really have any big goals for the future and I don't know what I want to do, so it is pretty hard :) but I have a few years yet until I have to decide :) lucky me :)

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