Friday, 23 January 2015

Day 3!!


What are your goals for this week? / What are your recovery goals for this week?

>> To go out in my denim shorts (not my jeans and long pants I have been hiding in even though it has been super hot) and be proud of my body even if they show the stretch marks down my thighs, because they show that even though I have grown and put on weight I dont care because I am a healthy weight which has been my goal for a long time!

>> To challenge all the anxious thoughts and do exactly the opposite of what they want me to do, the right thing, and to do the thing that is frightening me even if it is as little as taking my 2yr old brother to the playground by myself as I am always terrified he is going to hurt himself and he always runs around and tries to do things that he is just too little for.
Funny thing is (completely off topic) every time I take my brother somewhere like on a walk in the pram or even carrying him in a shop someone asks me if he is my baby haha!! And they always have this massive sigh of relive when I say no he is my brother!! Seriously I would of had to of had him when I was 12 to that to be true!! It wouldnt of even been possible for me to have him when I was 12!! Haha oh well my parents and R find it soo funny!!

>> To get myself completely ready for going back to school next Thursday, all my books covered and all my stationary ready, my bag packed and a list of what I am going to pack for my lunch and a friend I can walk/bus to school with so I can eliminate as much anxiety as I can about going back to school

>> To finish making over my room, as until now I have been way to scared to make a change to my 'safe' place and it has become very 'babyish' I guess eg. I still had fairy posters etc. on my walls (they are gone now :)) and change it to the new me!! and be okay with the change!!

>> To order a meatball sandwich from subway! haha dont laugh it is something I have meaning to do for a lonngggg time now but every time I have had the chance I have oped  out of it so I am finally going to do it!

stay strong
Lots of love Livvy


  1. These are great goals!!! And i can tell you, the meatball sandwich is delicious... or i have had the vegetarian version, but it is delicious :) I actually make it at home sometimes ::):) Try it, im sure you will like it... and if you dont, well then you know you have tried!!

  2. Thanks :) I tried it today and managed to eat the whole thing!! Yay!! Your one sounds really nice too if you have time could you post/email me the recipe??!! thanks again Livvy xoxo