Thursday, 22 January 2015

Day two!

What are the things you do now which you couldn't do when you were sick?/ what are the things you want to be able to do(again) when you are healthy and recovered? 

>> go to cafes and restaurants and order anything I want wether it is a salad or fish and chips, and not because it is a 'good' or 'bad' food but because that's what I want and what I am craving at that time

>> enjoy social events like school dances and going to friends houses and not worry about anything!

>>be confident in my body and not compare my body to others as we are all different, no one is the same there will always be people smaller and bigger and taller and shorter than meand that's okay my body is perfect just how it is (at a healthy weight that is)

>> go to school and be happy, change in the changing rooms for PE and be fine with i and make lunch the best 'subject' not the worst!

>> except my imperfections and even love them, they make me, me

>> Be happyyyy!! Talkative and freeee

>> Go to a supermarket just to buy chocolate and icecream and pay at any checkout and be proud :)

>> Enjoy living again!!! :) No bad thoughts telling me what to do at all hours of the day and having the freedom to do and eat what I want

Lots of love Livvy xoxox
Hope you are well!! Stay strong!


  1. <3 I love these Livvy, they are great <3 I too am really looking forward to going on holiday and being able to wear a bikini without feeling ashamed, and to go to any supermarket andsatisfy my sweet cravings if that's what I feel like ;) and you are so, so right!!! Every body is different and unique. Every body is perfect and we should all learn to accept and love our bodies and realise how amazing and beautiful they really are :) xxxx

    1. I agree! Good luck on recovery and I am certain in the near future you will be on that beach in a bikini!! Thanks soo much!!
      Lots of love Livvy
      xoxo :)

  2. These are great goals!! :) You can have it all again, even if its tough you need to face all those fears and anxieties. Know that it is bringing you something good, that you will be stronger and have more freedom!! Focus on these things... the things that you truly want, not what your ED tells you!

    1. Aww thank you soo much Izzy!! means the world to me, and yes the only way to be free from your fears id to face them!!