Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Izzy's recovery challenge

I am going to do this challenge starting from today to Monday, it is from a amazing girls blog called Life without anorexia run by the beautiful, amazing, perfect super inspiring girl called Izzy!! She is amzing and her blog has helped me sooo much so if you are reading this Izzy, THANK YOU!!!

Anyways Day 1:

What is the best thing about being recovered? / What are you looking forward to most about being healthy and free of your eating disorder?

>>To meet friends and go out and have fun with them/not avoiding going to friends for tea/ going out for coffee or a movie and actually buy snacks like popcorn and not feel greedy or guilty. And to actually talk to my friends as I am currently the shy one that doesn't talk much and just listens and laughs at others jokes but don't make any myself only, occasionally talking in our big group, don't get me wrong I love spending time with my friends and alone with one I am super talkative but in a group I tend to hang back.

>>To eat what I want when I want and not think any differently about it.

>>To be able to eat my own baking and enjoy it, not worrying about what I put in it or if I put too much butter in it etc.

>>To be able to love my body including my imperfections like my stretch marks down my back,bum and thighs and not cry when I look in the mirror inking they are ugly and think I am too big etc.

>>To be able to go to the supermarket by myself and not wait in a super long queue just so I can avoid a certain person who I once bought chocolate with, or I know will talk to me.

>>To have fun at school and not constantly worrying about what people are thinking about me, comparing myself to others and not worrying about changing for PE in the changing rooms

>>So I can grow my nails long enough for them to look nice so I can shape and paint them :) Which I can finally do again!! yay!! best thing about being 1kg of my goal weight!

>>To stop thinking the worst is going to happen and instead thinking positive thoughts and that I can do it

>>To go to school without panicking, crying or being soo nervous that I throw up and have to see the councilor when I get to school, and just enjoy learning and being with my friends (that kind of my GAD not ED though)

>>So interval and lunch become my favorite times at school

>>To feel normal and like I fit in

>> To be happpppyyyyy!!! And have as much freedom as I want!!!

>> and to say that I am recovered and healthy and free of all the thoughts that burden me!!!!

I finally got around to making it into hand lettering and now it is right above my bed so I can always be reminded that love is stronger than the pressure to be perfect!!! 

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