Monday, 2 February 2015

First day of school ...

Hellooo all!! I hope you are doing fantastically well!!
Today I had my first day of yr11 !! And let's just say my stress and anxiety levels are through the roof right now.. Not fun. It started off okay but then I had no one I knew in any of my classes except two but one has a seating plan and one the person I know has a group she is already in so I have been pretty much sitting by myself surrounded by people I have never met and don't really talk, or the have friends next to them. So yay... And then all the work is really hard, as I made the extension class for science, math and English and because of that I know I am capable of that class but when surrounded by people who are all very smart it just makes me feel really dumb, but I know that's not the case as I was top of class in science and got good grades in math and English so in a normal class I would be at the top but I now feel at the bottom of the top if that makes sense... :)
So who gives out homework on the first day?? My English, French, art and science teachers do!! Haha yay!! More stress!!  Not fair! hahah!!! :D
For art this year we make up a folio with all of out paintings in it for 6 credits (Ahhh) and we gt told today we have to think of a theme for the whole thing as we are starting our sculptures tomorrow!! So me in full panick mode and can't think strait and with all my hw and anxiety end up completely just breaking down :( but I managed to pull myself together after about an hour of sitting at my computer trying to find something I could use as m theme mostly crying as it wouldn't work and more panicking but I get there adventually :) so at first I thought of doing a underwater/fish theme but I am pretty sure that would be waayyy to hard as I have never painted water or waves to look realistic  and throw in some fish I don't think it would work and I would get bored of fish after about 25 paintings which we have t do.
Soooo my theme is dun dun sun... Plants! Haha seems like the boringest theme ever but I can do bugs and butterflies, birds, flowers, trees, logs, bushes, shrubs, jungles, forests trees etc that way so hopefully I won't get bored of it as there is a big variety of things rather than 25 pics of fish XD we saw some of last years and there was one with 30 paintings of motorbikes! Haha that would get boring fast painting the same thing over and over for a whole year! But you never know he might of loved motorbikes :)
But I am worried as one day and I am already super anxious and stressed out, so I don't know what I will be like at the end of the week and walking wreak probably XD haha!

But anyway that wasn't so interesting was it.. Sorry, well done if you got to the end :)
Hope you are well lots of love
Livvy xoxox

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