Monday, 12 January 2015

Just an update :)

Hii guys sorry it's been a long time since I have posted anything!! Just travalling and unpacking and so on I just couldn't find the time!
Well since I have last talked/written/spoken (??? I don't know what to say?!? Hahah :)) we spent our last day in Arrowtown which was really hot so we went down to a lake and spent the afternoon swimming and jumping off the platform but the water was still reallllyyyy cold!! It got warmer as you got further out but by then I couldn't touch the bottom and I can only tread water for so long!!  My dad has lots of pictures of us on the platform and such so hopefully I can get them off his camera if there are any good ones as my mum took them and couldn't figure how to turn on and take pictures so I don't know how good they are!!
On our way back up to Christchurch we stopped in Timaru (a small town about two hours drive form chch) and I spent an hour with my friend who moved down there almost two years ago now! We write letters to each other ( I know soo old fashioned!! Haha but it's so fun to receive a letter!)  but it's not as good as talking in real life! So I had a great time :) she now has two parrots (as well as six cats and two dogs!!) so they were very cute! They climbed up and sat on my shoulder and talked and did little dances!! At one stage they were both flying around the room which was pretty freaky though!!
I am so happy to be back home again though! Home is always best :)

Today as my dad has this week off as well we went out and bought Rs new school uniform and it was sooo funny as the smallest size was to long and baggy!! So his top kinda looks like a dress ;)
But I can't say much as my uniform was just like at when I got it and at that point I was so tiny and skinny I had to take in ten cm on my skirt just to stop it falling down... And then add elastic to it as well... But thankfully I have put on weight since then and I have taken out the elastic, still need the tuck in it though and lengthened it so I am happy, finally growing taller!! Yaya!! Been a long time :)
Down side to putting on weight is I have recently discovered big stretch marks around my hips back and bum :( just from getting up to a normal healthy weight :( and I am not even there yet so I am afraid they will get worse :( but I know it is all my fault I got them though.
Tomorrow I have my weigh in at my GPs so I will ask about them but sadly I know that they fade a little but really the only way to get rid of them is surgery or laser treatment which I don't want to do at all, so my fault I now have big red purplish marks on my body which I will have for life :( but thankfully they are not in a seen area like my legs or stomach (not that I plan to wear crop tops or bikinis any time soon!!) so yep my fault for losing weight. I am sooo worried about tomorrow!... I know I am still two kg away from my goal weight so haven't gained anything since last time and I am just worried about that, I have tried but I just aren't getting anywhere, infact I have just gone backwards more than forwards with my weight... I wish it was easier! But I am hoping the different scales and with shoes and clothes on maybe I can gain a little, I know wishful thinking not going to happen. So unless I can gain two kg or at least one overnight I am screwed... But I am only to blame, I just hope I don't have to take supplements again as they taste terrible!

Well anyway I just have to wait and see.
I hope you are all well!! Stay strong!
Lots of love
Livvy xoxox :)

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