Sunday, 28 June 2015

Update of my life :)

Heyyyy guys!!! how are you? Doing super well I hope :)

Only four more days of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! well for the term anyway!! still two more terms to go... but in the meantime I have two weeks of holidays to look forward to!!! Yay!

Although today was actually a pretty good day at school! We had a cybersaftey talk thingy which we get every year and it is terribly boring but today we had a guy come in and it was 70 minutes long but actually super interesting and I really enjoyed it. And we got to miss out on second and third period :)  But now I am all worried about what could happen to me on my blog, as I don't have any other social media as I dont reallllyyy see much point in it and I had a friend who had a really bad experience with it too, but I dont want to get into too uch detail about that. So I personally think it is alright but only if you take the appropriate measures to make sure you are safe online. I feel safe with my blog thought as everyone is super nice and supportive and I haven't had a single bad comment yet!! (fingers crossed I havent just jinxed it :))

Anyways I missed out on the tow periods I wasnt exactaly looking forward to and I had art and science before and after it so I got all super good periods :D Yay!

In science we got our marks back from our test on genetics (Which I had thought I had done terribly on, as I ran out of time to write everything I wanted to as I hurt my wrist the night before at tennis, not badly but enough for it to be pretty uncomfortable trying to write heaps!) But I still  managed to get Excellence on it!! Woo with 28/30 so that was a surprise but a nice one!
Also last Friday we took some swabs of things and grew the bacteria over the weekend so we got to see it for the first time today. Ours turned out really pretty haha and gross... We got all bacteria colony's and they were all different colours ;) Some others got mold and fungi which were all furry and they were realllyyy gross!!! But I kinda liked ours hahah :)

This wasnt ours ^^^ but it looked similar but we had red,orange brown and green as well!! I thought they were really cool!! hahaha

Ahhh the realization of how close my ballet exam is had hit me!! I have five more lessons so (5 hours) before my exam!!! we are doing it in a different studio too which we wont see before the exam so hopefully I wont get too disorientated during my dances!!!! ahhh!!!

Before I end I would love to say a huge thanks to all my lovely readers as you guys make my day and I love all your super kind comments. So thankyou guys soo much Xxx
(Also I have read all your comments but every time I try to reply it says it published but they never show up on my phone so I cant tell if they have actually published or not so I am very sorry if they have not)

Lots of love
Livvy Xx

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