Saturday, 27 June 2015

All about me challenge :)

1. Interesting fact
>> when my friends and I were in primary school we were obsessed with runes and 'Viking magick' kinda thing all because of this book so we spent ages learning how to read and write in runic and we still can and occasionally pass notes written in it so no one else can see what we have written hehe :) 

2. Birthday?
>> 28th of February 

3. Favourite Disney character?
>> tinker bell :) 

4. Favourite colour? 
>> pink or yellow 

5. Do you collect anything?
>> kinda I guess I have all these little cute item thingys which I guess you could say I collect maybe??
They live upon my bookshelf:) and yes that is a baby photo of me :) 

6. Pets ?
>> one beloved cat named Byron who I love soooooo much!! 
Who us currently asleep on my bed along beside my now broken chewed pencil grrrr :) 

7. Show us your handwriting 

Great just finished writing 2 out of 5 history essays woo only 3 to go!!

8. What subjects do you take?
>>English maths science art French and history although I wish I didn't take French our teacher is not the best and its s big step from the last two years. 

Hope you are well 
Lots of Love
Livvy xoxo

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  1. This was a really interesting post! Great to find out more about you! Xx