Friday, 10 July 2015


Hey guys so lately I know I have been like the worst blogger ever but I am back and  staying ontop of it this time because I truely love blogging! 

It is finally the holidays!!! Yayyyyy!!! I am not going away anywhere but it's always nice just to hang around home and be a tourist in your own city ;) even though the holidays are already half over :( it goes so fast and soon it will be back to school and exam term ahhhh!!! Anyways I still have a week left :) 

The first three days my brother R had a football tournament here in Chch which was super nice as we could go watch him and it was in this new soccer academy thingy they are building and it is soooo nice!!! It isn't finished yet but it is like the fanciest thing we have in our city after the earthquake Haha it's really nice !!! 
But it's winter and also very very cold!!! It was minus two degrees when I took this photo at 4 o'clock!! But anyway I also saved a butterfly while I was there! I don't think it will last very long as it had s broken wing and butterflies don't normally live this long into winter but it was still alive the next day! 

Felt nice to save the little thing and they are really cool to hold as they cling and wrap around your fingers!! 

Yesterday I went with a group of friends to the university open day and Did the science department tours which were sooo cool and interesting. We came to help us make a decision on what subjects to take next year as some uni courses need level two credits to grant you entry so yeah big decision but it all was so interesting that now I have even more no idea (that sentence doesn't make sense but I can't think how else to re-word it do it can stay like that ;)) 

The biology labs were all new and nice and they also had an aquarium where we got to touch and feed the fish super cool!! 
Not meant to take pictures but if you look closely they are a big hard to see but there are little baby crayfish in them :) super cute!!! 

I don't really have any other plans for the holidays except read novels for English they must think we are super readers with loads of free time if something like that!!! I have read 2 and have 5 to go!!!!! And they aren't small either!!! So lots of reading for me!! 

Next week my friend is coming up from Timaru so hopefully I can spend lots of time with her!! 

And I hope you my lovely readers are all well!!!!! 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

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