Sunday, 7 June 2015

Awesome day at the under 20 works cup!!

Today was super fun!!!!! My parents took R and I to the under 20 football World Cup! We saw two games as they were back to back. First one was Honduras Vs Germany in which Germany won 5-1 and the second game was Korea DRP Vs Brazil and Brazil won 3-0. They were both really good games and even with the quiet big difference in sorces both losing teams played really well!!! And were exciting than watch!! 
The only down side was by the second match it was really cold!!!! Like freezing! You could see your breath and the field was starting to get frosty!! But we had blankets and puffer jackets so it was okay! It must of been freezing for the players!! Who were all wearing gloves abd thermals! 
But it was super cool abd I can't wait to see the semi finals next weekend!!! Yay!! 
It's so exciting to have and event like this in New Zealand especially in Chch as we haven't had one in ages after the earthquake so I am super happy!!!
Lots and of love 
Livvy xxx :) 

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