Sunday, 14 June 2015

Today was a great day :)

(Edit this was one that didn't publish so sorry it was meant to be up last weekend sorry!!!) 
Today was pretty awesome:) this morning I had tennis and I was the only one there for the first hour so I pretty much got a private lesson for the same price as normal and then one if the other boys turned up so I was allowed to stay for an extra hour more than normal so happy me :) 
Afterwards we went to the football!!!
Which was Mali vs Germany which was a great match!!! 
It went to penalties at the end which were super exciting!! In which Mali won 4-3. It was a great game and I think Germany were quite unlucky especially as I picked then to be in the final with Brazil but hey things happen. There's always a next time!! 
It was super funny abd slightly creepy as at half time a man was walking around saying 'spoiler alert Mali wins 4-3 on penalties' which was exactly what happened!! Haha creepy guy from the future!! Maybe he's an alien :) 

Anyway I hope you had a great day!!! 
Lots of love 

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