Tuesday, 28 April 2015

America trip last day in San Fran

Hi guys :) I hope you are super well!!!! 
Sorry I know these are dragging on for a while but I'm almost done :) half way haha :) 
Anyways on our last day in San Francisco we stopped at the California Academy of Sciences on our way out as well I love science and I was bugging my parents about going but they ended up really enjoying it too so everyone was happy!! Well except for my poor little brother B who freaked out when a butterfly landed on his head (which was adorably cute :))  but he enjoyed everything else 
In the museum we started off at the aquarium section with all the fishys and they had the cutest wee swimming frogs aww!!! (I bet you can't guess which animal is one of my favourite animals at the end of this haha :)) 

And if you haven't guessed already I have a million photos of all the frogs on my phone :P I just find them sooooo cute!!! 
Anyways these were taken in a big indoor rainforest which was super cool and reallllllyyyyyyyy hot!! The ones I have pictures of were all in tanks but there were lots just hopping around as well there were also birds and lots of butterflies:)

We then looked at the earthquake place and went in the earthquake house which are always hilarious because they are so fake! Before being in a real big earthquake they were pretty cool but now knowing how they feel and how horrible and scared for your life you are being in such a fake one is just amusing :) we also went up onto their living roof 

 Which was soo cool and freezing:) before we had some lunch and started our drive to Monterey!!! Which will be the next one :) 

I hope you are sort of enjoying these If not please tell me :) hope you are well 
Lots of love 
Livvy xoxoxo:) 

Stay strong :) 

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