Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hiiiiiiii happy Mother's Day !!!!

Firstly happy Mother's Day to all you mums out there!!! Xx 
Wow it has been ages!! And I still need to finish my America posts haha... I will get there eventually.... Well what has happened in the last week?? I have been super stressed and busy that's for sure! I have had three internals in the last week French speech (which I got an achieved on which sucks as it was my first ever achieved I have always got higher and everyone in my class thinks it was unfairly marked me included but I still passed I guess so it's okay) my history research one worth 8 credits ahhh!!! That's a lot we need 80 to pass the year and 50 in excellence to get endorsed which I reaallllllyyyyy want!!! So 8 excellence would be great! (Rhymes :)) and my science physics one which I was super nervous about because our class was setting level 2 (a year above what we are in now) because I am in extension class but I think it went pretty well hopefully get our marks back this week!!! 

I have also started winter intense training for tennis with the top junior players of my club which is a bit scary as they hit the ball really hard and fast but I can return it. It's just I can't place the ball like Normal at the moment it's just get to the ball and get it over the net haha :) but the trainig is mostly fitness and cardio tennis (not as fun as it sounds :)) but I am really enjoying it!! Lots of exercise which makes me feel better about myself I feel I am  improving and getting fitter and healthier but I am struggling to eat enough with extra exercise. Like on Sunday I did 3 1/2  hours of intense training and running etc. but as I do exercise I completely lose my appetite and just feel sick when it comes to eating and drinking (but I am managing to drink as otherwise I would get very dehydrated quickly) but eating is really hard. We have breaks in which we are expected to eat and drink a certain emount otherwise we can't continue as it is bad for our bodies and we would probably collapse or something if we didn't because it is hard training as its winter over here!!! Everyone else just sits down and eats but I am struggling a lot. If anyone has any tips it would be much appreciated!! I think it is good our coach makes us eat and drink and won't let us continue if we don't as he is looking out for us and making sure we take care of our bodies and not lose weight as that is not what we want because that would stop us gaining strength and muscle!!! So I am thankful for that!! It is hard though and I do try and eat more but it's tough but I won't do it if I don't, if I feel it's too much I will stop.  But it super exciting as I haven't been allowed to do this in sooo long and I really have wanted to, good things are worth waiting for!!!! So I am doing it twice a week two to three hours  on Sunday morning and two after school on Tuesday so yay!!!!! Being trusted again is nice!!! And they trust me more that I admit it is hard to eat and want help rather than being happy about it so that's awesome!!! Yay!!!! My legs were soo dead after my first session!!! Haha I could barely walk!!! :) and getting out of bed the  next day was almost impossible:P my parents thought it was funny :p but I am almost use to it now :) 

So not ready for another week of school:( but that's life !! 
How are you?? 
Lots of love Livvy xoxoxo:)  

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