Sunday, 19 April 2015

America update part 1 San Francisco

Heeyyy guys!! 
Okay so this will be part 1 :) as I can't find my other posts :) 

This was Alcatraz prison on Alcatraz Island. The boat ride over was very bumpy as the weather wasn't the best the day we went but it was overall apart from freezing it was really interesting and cool. We did the audio-tour when we were up there in the main prison building which was absolutely amazing it definitely  deserved the top audio tour prize it was very well done!! All the history behind the island was amazing from the prison to the Indian occupation it was so good!! Apart from the rainy cold weather :) 
The cells and the state of the prison I would definitely not want to ever be stuck in that place!! Or any prison for that matter haha :) the escape story's were probably my favourite part I found them very exciting. 
The next day we spent some time out on fishermen's  wharf (haha funny story when we were little our family was playing monopoly together and a very little R stated he wanted to buy the wharf but didn't realise how to say it and said it as 'farf' as in Maori which we learnt a bit in school wh is pronounced as a f which was adorably cute and super funny and he refuses to play monopoly now haha!!) anyway I bought a new phone case there which has little paw prints on it and I love it ;) (haha super cat lover :)) and we sat and watched the seals at pier 39 which were pretty damn smelly haha :) but super cute to watch slide around :)   
I also found a Harry Potter chocolate frog!!! The head was slightly melted from my pocket :) I have gotten them before in Australia but I haven't seen them since and being the huge Pot-head I am I was very excited :) 

Right I think I will wrap this post up now as if I do all of San Francisco it will become verrryyy long :)
Lots of love
Livvy xoxo :)

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